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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Officially 35 years old

I'm now officially 35 years old!  Have I reached the middle of my life?  Hard to say.... I'm told that things keep getting better.  At any rate, I haven't discovered a downside to being 35, healthy, and active.  Maybe those that are older than me are too wise to speak of such a thing (a downside).

I also thought about what it means to be 35 and living the life that I have right this moment.  Right now my own opportunity is to challenge the established assumptions about the world and perhaps accelerate or re-direct some of our social and technological momentums.  Being 35 means that I have the opportunity be mentored by, and get to inject enthusiasm into, those with much more life experience than myself and I get to teach and mentor those who look for examples in their lives.

A question that popped into my head as I ate my birthday dinner asked what the world will be like in another 35 years.  The only thing I can say for certain is that in 35 years I'll be looking at the world through the eyes of a 70 year-old. In truth, I really have no idea if I will still have my health.  I am hopeful that I'll still be as open-minded as I've become with a continued capacity to have new ideas, and objectively weigh the values, and be a part of the opportunities, the next generation introduces. I know that I will continue to have people in my life that will keep my mind open and challenge my assumptions.

Thank-you everyone for this life I have and for sharing it with me!


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Sharon said...

At 53 my thoughts are much the same. :)

Philip Michael Zeman said...

Age 53? Hmm... re-arrange the numbers and you get 35. I wonder what that means... :)