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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A bit of AMS for fun? White Mountain Peak

A group of us are headed out from Victoria on a road trip to visit White Mountain Peak (; to get a little taste of high altitude.

The plan is to drive to Bishop, California (2400m) and spend the night in a hotel.  In the morning, we'll drive up to a gate (3560m) on our way up to a weather research station at the top of the mountain. Our hike will start at the gate and continue to the summit at about 3800m.

It seems to me the drive up to 2400m in a car might be a bit challenging; especially when one considers we're starting our road trip at sea-level.

Our intention for this road trip and high altitude hike is to give some of us a taste of what ascending Kilimanjaro might be like.  The summit of Kilimanjaro is, of course much higher than the summit of White Mountain Peak, at an altitude of 5895m.

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