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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Mt. Finlayson: EEG and extreme exercise fatigue

As part of my preparation for our Kilimanjaro project, my colleagues and I will be collecting a similar set of data while I participate in an extreme endurance race this weekend.

This Saturday, a competition called "Mt. Finlayson Madness" will take place on the steep Mt. Finlayson hiking trail. During this competition, participants will ascend and descend Mt. Finlayson as many times as possible within a time of 12 hours. (  While I am very interested to know how many times I can get up and down the mountain in the space of 12 hours, I'm even more interested in how my brain function changes while I throw myself up and down a mountain in a competition against other people.

Multiple types of physiological data will be collected. We will collect EEG data using the Emotiv EPOC headset. We will also collect blood glucose, heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen level data.  In addition to these data, we will also experiment with some neuropsychological tests.

If the data are interesting, I'll be sure to post them to this blog for other people to see.  Along with data, we will also post some video of the event.

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