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Monday, 20 June 2011

Hero HD camera - my ride to the Stepforth Web Marketing office

Today was my first attempt recording video using the Hero HD camera.  I purchased one yesterday to use on our Kilimanjaro expedition coming this Fall.  If you take a look at the video, you can see the picture quality is quite good recorded at 1080p @ 30fps.  However, you'll also notice that there is quite a bit of vibration/jitter in the video and by the looks of it, jitter removal algorithms will have some difficulty removing jitter at 30 fps. (The low sampling rate and camera vibration caused by my bicycle tires inflated at 120psi causes jumps in the video that are greater than just a few pixels.)  Fortunately, I can bring the sample rate up to 60 fps however with a reduction in video resolution to 960p.  I'll try this next time and apply a jitter removal algorithm and see what I can get.

Overall, I'm happy with the quality of the camera and the various helmet and body mounting accessories.  We'll soon see how well it operates at -30 C when we do the freezer test on our equipment.  I'll post video of some of my research team and I in a walk-in freezer in the weeks to come.

Incidentally, if you run the video posted above to the end, you'll notice that I arrive at the Stepforth Web Marketing office on my ride into work each day.  When I started my company ABVSciences, Ross Dunn at Stepforth provided me with a desk and space for my computer equipment.  I still spend each day with the Stepforth gang.  From my point of view, I've gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about marketing on the internet and web and search engine optimization by being in their environment and collaborating on the future of marketing.  Thanks Ross, you've become the official web marketing sponsor for this trip!!

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Philip Michael Zeman said...

Yes, I've reduced the video resolution for the internet.